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Travel Tools and Forms

All About Destinations, LLC customizes all-inclusive, comprehensive (all tour components including: transportation, lodging, meals, attractions, insurance, etc.), multi-day tour packages for groups with a minimum of 20 Paid Passengers (full fare paying passengers) to anywhere within the United States and the world.  AAD does not offer motor-coach only charter services.


Please submit a Tour Request Form (see form to the right) to receive a customized tour proposal. Tour packages are customized based on the specific needs, interests, budget, educational requirements (school groups) etc. of the group so be sure to be as detailed as possible.  Upon receipt of your Tour Request Form you will be contacted by an All About Destinations representative.


U.S. Government Travel Information

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs

U.S. Passport Information and Forms

Traveler's Health - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Foreign Tourism Information

Argentina National Secretary of Tourism -

Austraulian Tourist Commision -

Austrian National Tourist Office -

Belgian National Tourist Office -

British Tourist Authority -

Chilean Tourism Promotion Corporation -

China National Tourist Office -

Costa Rica -

Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs -

Ecuador Ministry of Tourism -

Egyptian Tourist Authority -

French Government Tourist Office -

German National Tourist Office -

Greece Tourist Board -

Irish Tourist Board -

Italian Tourist Office -

Japan National Tourist Organization -

Mexico Tourism Board -

Netherlands Board of Tourism -

New Zealand Tourism -

Peru National Tourist Office -

Polish National Tourist Office -

Portugese National Tourist Office -

Spanish Tourist Office -

Swiss National Tourist Office -

Thailand Tourism Authority -

Travel Reference Websites

World Travel Guide -

The Travel Channel -

Universal Currency Converter -

Travel Languages -

The Travel Channel -

The Weather Channel -

World Travel Guide -

Fodor's Travel Online -

Time Zone and Date Information -

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