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Discover The Emerald Isle Tour - Flight Info.

Transfers and flight information can be one of the most stressful part of your travel experience.  All About Destination takes care of all transfers and flight information!


Enjoy the Convenience of Our Affordable, Hassle-Free Airport Transfers​ (included)

With All About Destinations, think of your entire vacation as one-stop shopping. Rather than spending hours researching flights to coordinate with your vacation start and end dates, we handle the work.  As a completely independent company, we have no ties to any one airline.


Airport transfers are included in the package price.  Transfers cannot be provided if you join late or leave early.



All About Destination's convenient transfer services include:


  • Speedy and STRESS-FREE transportation to your hotel. Simply meet Jeff and Lisa (your AAD representatives) and you're off!

  • Save money now and have extra funds to enjoy your vacation!

  • SAFE and secure travel to your hotel. We only work with the best, most RELIABLE companies in the industry.



More than just a ride to and from your hotel. Our representatives are your in-destination experts, whether it's helping with your luggage, suggesting a great local restaurant or just answering a question while you're on vacation.



Flight Information


Transportation to/from destinations to/from Ireland are the sole responsibility of each individual person. 


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