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Cruise Performances

Cruises are quickly becoming the go-to venue for student performance groups and school group trips in general.  Cruising aboard a luxurious cruise ship while prepping for a performance on the ship is a life-changing and incredibly exciting opportunity for middle and high school students! Students will make lasting memories with their classmates while sharpening their performance skills.

In recent years, we have found that dance groups, in particular, are very well suited to perform in a cruise ship environment. With minimal equipment, they can easily bring what is needed aboard the ship and require little more than an open space to practice and prepare. The cruise ship will provide a large wooden stage as well as lighting equipment and sound technicians, ensuring a dramatic and awe-inspiring performance!


Coordinating all the elements of a student trip, including transportation, attraction tickets, chaperones and meal plans can be extremely overwhelming for parents and teachers. This is one of the reasons that cruise travel is the perfect choice for your student group, and just another reason to let All About Destinations handle all of your student travel arrangements.

We will coordinate your entire cruise trip, including airfare and ground transportation to and from the port, performance arrangements, excursion tickets and planning.  All you have to do is let us know what you want to see and do; we will make it happen!



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