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Music Performances

There is a lot of hard work that goes into being a successful choir, band, jazz ensemble or orchestra.  Reward your group for all of their hard work with a fun and educational music tour that will give them unmatched performance experiences.

All About Destinations creates some of the most innovative and creative music and travel opportunities for their clients. Whether you want a performance opportunity, a clinic/workshop with a professional musician, or to participate in a music festival, we will exceed your musical expectations.  Reward your choir, band, or orchestra with the opportunity of a lifetime to perform in some of the most prestigious venues available.

Some of the exceptional music tours we have created include:

  • Performances in Major Symphony Halls

  • Featured Jazz Bands in National Recognized Jazz Venues

  • Performances in Concert Halls, Museums and Libraries

  • Participation in Music Festivals worldwide

  • Clinics with Professional Musicians and College Professors

  • Disney’s Performing Arts, Universal “Stars” and other amusement parks worldwide


Peak has created music tours for all types of ensembles, including:

  • Concert Bands, Jazz Bands and Marching Bands

  • Indoor Guard and Indoor Percussion Ensembles

  • String Ensembles

  • Steel Drum Bands

  • Show Choirs

  • Concert Choirs

  • Full Orchestras

  • Guitar Ensembles

  • many others


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