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Downtown Elkins Pub Crawl

Travelers and locals alike have come to Elkins over the years to quench their thirst. In the last 30 years, several local taverns and bars have made a name for themselves both locally and nationally!  The first bar in Elkins was established in the 1890s on 3rd Street.  This "Finest Bar-Room" was established in Elkins due to the town being a hub for the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad.  This was a prime location for anyone searching for food, drink or illicit diversions.  Eventually, Elkins became a "dry" town and the "wet" town of South Elkins (across the Tygarts Valley River) was born. 


Join us on this guided 2.5-hour crawl as we cover Elkins drinking history while experiencing some of Elkins' finest watering holes.  As a bonus, you will be able to tour one of West Virginia's best micro-breweries! Drink in the history and crawl out the door!

This tour operates as a "private tour" year 'round and as a public tour on specific dates regardless of weather.   So, come along and spend an evening with old friends or come along and make some new ones!  See and hear about the side of Elkins that very few know about, while throwing back a few beers, wine or tasty cocktails on the Elkins Pub Crawl!


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